The Vision Campaign is about serving our vision to be a church of growing disciples, who are growing disciples and helping other Churches do the same. As a church we want to be constantly reaching out to people in our community who have never had a church community or have fallen away from their faith. Our current facility is filled to capacity – so much so that it is nearly impossible for our members to comfortably invite friends and family to Church. We have undertaken the Vision Campaign to build a new sanctuary so that we have available seats at optimal times for visitors and guests to be warmly welcomed and to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

August 2016 - Sue Mihok

There has been so much progress since our last update!

Monday through Friday we have been working on the inside of our building to prepare for kickoff weekend! The new steps, “Stair 134” have been poured, you just can’t see them! They are covered with plywood so that we can use the pews from now until Easter. You can see the plywood in Section 4, in front of the tech booth.

The existing sanctuary has been “sprinklered!” Look up the next time you’re in the sanctuary and you will see all of the sprinkler heads poking out from the columns on the ceiling.

The big walls in the corner are gone! The underpinning inside the building is complete. The two corners near the band and the tech booth were excavated, underpinned, refilled and then finished with new concrete. We worked hard to clean and uncover everything for kickoff weekend!

Much work is happening outside as well…

The old terra cotta sewer line was replaced with PVC in front of the building.

The parking lot curbs are in and the ground is being covered in 14 inches of crushed stone in order to prepare for paving! Electric has been installed and the concrete bases for the light poles are in. Construction on the parking lot should finish in late fall.


  • How many days have we been under construction? 90
  • How many days have we lost to weather? 2
  • How many parking spots will we have? 375 Total

We will keep you updated with construction on a monthly basis. If you have any questions, please email

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