The Vision Campaign is about serving our vision to be a church of growing disciples, who are growing disciples and helping other Churches do the same. As a church we want to be constantly reaching out to people in our community who have never had a church community or have fallen away from their faith. Our current facility is filled to capacity – so much so that it is nearly impossible for our members to comfortably invite friends and family to Church. We have undertaken the Vision Campaign to build a new sanctuary so that we have available seats at optimal times for visitors and guests to be warmly welcomed and to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

November 2016 - Sue Mihok

Most of what has been going on is difficult to appreciate, because you can’t see it. In construction lingo they say, “we are getting out of the ground!”

Much work has been done on site work, storm water management, and erosion and sediment control. We have installed underground mechanical and electrical, and supplied new water lines to the site. The underground work has been frustrating at times, and we have discovered some “unsuitable” soils. Even though our team has budgeted the time and resources for these kinds of discoveries, please pray with us that we don’t find other issues that slow down progress.

The building footings and the concrete pour of the building slab on grade is nearly complete. That work started in the future lobby and continued into the new sanctuary and café. The concrete provides a feel for what that space will become. We are very excited about this new space for worship and ministry. It’s designed to be both functional and beautiful, a place built to communicate our church’s mission to love and serve God and others.

In about a week, we should have a crane on site to begin raising the steel. Then the shape of the building will really begin to emerge in a way that will be easy to appreciate.

And, in case you’ve missed it, our newly expanded parking lot is paved and landscaped and looks beautiful!


  • There are 62 column footings and more than 1000 ft. of wall footings.
  • The 1st floor slab took about 300 cubic yards of concrete to complete, each yard weighing about 2 tons.
  • There will be 25 tractor trailers full of steel delivered to the job.
  • The cafĂ© ceiling is 29 ft high

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